Ashley is doing well with the feeding tube. She now has had it in for a little over two weeks. It is making it a little more easier on her as she can get nutrition as well as, her medications & chemo through the feeding tube.

On Sunday, October 7th we did the “2012 Walk for Hope” in Phoenix. It was a long day, but Ashley was such a trooper being awaken at 4:00 a.m. for mom to start her feedings before leaving. She stayed awake for the entire walk which shows how strong our little girl is to not miss such an important event. Tuesday, October 9th Ashley went into Phoenix Children’s Hospital to get her monthly blood counts to start chemo. Counts came back good and we started chemo this past Friday. Wednesday, October 10th she had a hospice pediatric massage therapist come and work on her legs, arms and neck. Those areas of her body seem to be the most problem areas that she has pain. On Thursday, October 11th she had her shower nurse come in which Ashley did not want to get out of bed so we did a bed bath and the hospice social worker and nurse also came over that day for a visit. Saturday, October 13th we all ventured out for a movie date with three very dear friends of ours Mary Belfiore Schramm, Becca Embree, Irma Solar and her two beautiful daughters to see “Hotel Transylvania.” Ashley gave us a thumbs up at the end of the movie. J

We continue to fight this battle together for Ashley and thank you all for your continuous support and prayers.

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