We are sorry for not being on top of up-dating Ashley’s profile. It’s been such a crazy month with visitors, “Make-A-Wish” trip to California, hospice visits to her home, doctors appointments and Trevor starting the sixth grade at Canyon Springs in Anthem.

Ashley’s Birthday party turned out great last month! Many of her friends came to celebrate her BIG 13th birthday. Jasmine, her best friend since pre-school stayed over the weekend with her making it even better! One of our good friends, Brian and Crystal Merrick rented a slip and slide for Ashley. Mary Belford made Ashley one of the most amazing surfer decorated cakes and Rookies restaurant in Anthem donated food for the party. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it an unforgettable day celebrating our daughter’s birthday.

Ashley has started her chemo back up on Sunday, September 16th. She will continue this chemo for 21 days and will get one week off and will continue this cycle until further notice. We’ve noticed that she has been staying awake for much longer periods of time which of course is great. She is still consuming mostly liquid foods and we are now at the point of seriously considering a feeding tube for Ashley due to her weight loss.

Recently, “We Care of Anthem” has made available a personal sticker for Ashley (see picture). Mom and Dad have placed them on our car windshields to show our support. Feel free to contact us on Ashley’s support page under messages to provide us with your address if you would like one. All proceeds go towards Ashley's ongoing medical and other necessary expenses.

Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers. They have made such a difference in our everyday lives. God Bless You!

Renee, Stefan, Ashley and Trevor Moore

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